41: ACCIDENT OR CONSPIRACY? The mysterious deaths of Princess Diana & Natalie Wood

Diana car crash: ACCIDENT OR CONSPIRACY? Princess Diana & Natalie Wood

Everyone loves a conspiracy theory and this week we look at the mysterious deaths of two women in their prime… But for the first course, Geordie & Michelle give a couple of shout outs before outing Geordie’s childhood bully, Mr Chandler. Michelle’s sister Steph gets a long-overdue thank you before a few telly recs get thrown around, as does a riveting snippet about Stephen Fry and a potted rundown of the disappearance of 1960s Australian Prime Minister Harold Holt. That’s all before the punchy main course – the DEATH OF PRINCESS DIANA…

Michelle starts off with a rundown of her sad, loveless life before asking the crucial question we all want to know… Was her death an unfortunate accident or was she the end point of a deathly conspiracy by the Royal Family? Was Diana pregnant with Dodi’s baby? Was her car tampered with before the accident? Why did she suspect she might die in a car accident? Was the death of her ex bodyguard a warm up to the main event? What did she actually die of? Why didn’t the paparazzi help her when she crashed? And what was the one thing that might have saved her from dying? YOU’LL HAVE TO GET EAVESDROPPIN’ TO FIND OUT!

Having mentioned Natalie Wood on last week’s episode about Ghostie Whosties, Geordie then goes on to talk about the Hollywood actress’s tragic death by drowning… Just like Princess Diana, Natalie Wood had a bit of a sh*t life… Why did she marry Robert Wagner twice? How come Christopher Walken was on the boat when she died? What’s the deal with the dinghy? Why was her death initially recorded as accidental drowning? Why has it since been changed? Can the ship’s captain be believed? Why did Robert Wagner not want to search for his missing wife? And did he kill her? LISTEN NOW TO FIND OUT MORE!!

Don’t miss a minute! Get in touch with your stories and keep on Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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