Conspiracy theory

24: THE HAMPSTEAD HOAX: Why two kids accused their dad of running a satanic baby-eating cult

Hello, Eavesdroppers! This week on Eavesdroppin’, host Geordie investigates a disturbing 2014 TikTok video she saw of two children accusing their father not only of sexual abuse but of being the head of a satanic baby-sacrificing cult… In Hampstead… One of London’s wealthiest suburbs… More than that, according to the children, their dad led a…

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52: LOOK UP! IS THAT A UFO?? The Rendlesham Forest Christmas UFO Cold Case, UAPs, aliens, conspiracy theories & more!

LOOK UP! IS THAT A UFO?! The Rendlesham Forest Christmas UFO Incident, lights in the sky, UAPs, aliens, conspiracies & more!
How often do you look up? Do you ever see weird lights in the sky? Is it a drone… or a plane… or a UFO with an alien inside? This…

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41: ACCIDENT OR CONSPIRACY? The mysterious deaths of Princess Diana & Natalie Wood

ACCIDENT OR CONSPIRACY? Princess Diana & Natalie Wood
Everyone loves a conspiracy theory and this week we look at the mysterious deaths of two women in their prime… But for the first course, Geordie & Michelle give a couple of shout outs before outing Ge…

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