Who would want to hurt a cat? And would a biker care if they ate a person?

True Crime… it’s something we’re always interested in talking about and this week we we decided to talk about the Croydon Cat Killer, aka the Streatham Cat Killer, now known as the UK Cat Killer.

Honestly, this was a really hard episode to record, mainly because we both love animals (Geordie has a dog and guinea pigs and Michelle has a part-time cat she stole from her neighbours) and to think of anyone deliberately hurting animals is almost incomprehensible. Who would do that? Well, perhaps a psychopath in the making – or someone who hates cats because sadly, the cat killings are still taking place all over the UK and it seems the police are happy to simply put it down to ‘natural causes’ rather than alarm communities by admitting there is an animal serial killer on the loose.

If you think cat slaughter is grim, TRIGGER WARNING – the episode gets even grimmer…  This week Michelle details the case of Robert Pickton, Canada’s worst serial killer, who not only killed 49 women (although it’s estimated to be more… and Robert was apparently pissed he didn’t make the big 5-0 with his killings), TRIGGER WARNING – he also fed his victims to biker gangs who thought they were just enjoying a bit of slap up grub at the Piggy Palace Good Times Society. Really, you need to listen to the episode to get the full picture!!

HOW DO WE END UP TALKING ABOUT THIS SH*T?!?!!?  There are loads of TRIGGER WARNINGS this episode, but as usual, we try to keep it light when we can. Plus we talk about toilet paper… Really. It’s a problem – are you a scrunched or a folder? And does your partner accuse you of using too much??  

We hope you enjoy the episode and would love to hear your feedback. If you want to read more about the episode or to listen, just click here – there are loads of links to the cases mentioned for further reading that will take you down a rabbit hole of murder…  See you next week!

Love Geordie & Michelle x