How did we end up talking about UFOs & fake meat in the same episode??

Do you read newspapers? Honestly, the last time Michelle picked up a newspaper was the free one on the Tube about 2 years ago and since then… nuthin’. In fact, when Geordie asked her to do a video scrunching up a newspaper, she couldn’t even find one.

It’s not that we don’t like reading the news, it’s just that it’s not that fun to read the news. The front page is always death and crimes and someone doing something sh*tty to someone else and it all gets a bit much after a while. Michelle remembers years ago when someone told her about a Christian newspaper in the US of A that was called something like the Good News Newspaper, she thought it was ridiculous – what’s the point of only reporting the good stuff? That’s not life! But now, she gets it. You don’t need to know every bad thing that happens in the world – you only need to know the stuff you want to know.

Which leads us to the Newsdroppin’ episode! This week is all about the weird and the wonderful and the bizarre and the tragic. We combed the internet for stories that interested us – and like every Eavesdroppin’ episode, we start with a theme that goes off on a tangent before coming back on a different theme that’s loosely related to the first theme… Yes, Eavesdroppin’ is random – but hey ho, life is random. 

So this week we begin with a story from Michelle about a woman who got a Tiddlywink stuck up her nose when she was a kid and didn’t find it until 37 years later. Yep. And if you’re squeamish about poop – maybe you don’t want to hear Michelle’s stories of what she’s found in the toilet bowl over the years…

We talk about UFOs and aliens and classic films and synthetic meat… It’s the future don’t cha know! 

There’s the Westall case, the pool that floats between two buildings, the alien spy story and the woman who found her dead husbands Euro 96 ticket in her rolls of fat – so much more. That’s what happens when you read the news – INFORMATION OVERLOAD! 

So, the best thing to do is listen to the episode – it’s much more fun that reading the news (or this blog post).

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