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27: SEXY STUFF: Annie Sprinkle plus the OneTaste cult

On Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast this week, hosts Geordie & Michelle look at classic porn star Annie Sprinkle and the wellness-slash-sexy cult OneTaste… There was a time when porn was made in a studio. Porn stars had their own kind of Hollywood and you could become a household name. We’re talking the 70s and 80s here…

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9: CHILD STARS GONE WRONG: Corey Haim, The Brat Packers & Björn Andrésen

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast, hosts Geordie & Michelle look at the sad lives of child stars… Corey Haim was one of the biggest child stars of the 1980s. With hits like The Lost Boys and Licence to Drive, he and Corey Feldman, AKA The 2 Coreys, became the highest paid child actors of…

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