40: GHOSTIE WHOSTIES! Ghost stories, haunted houses, Robbie Williams, Loretta Lynn, Mama Cass, Ghostbusters & more!

GHOST STORIES & HAUNTED HOUSES: Robbie Williams, Dan Ackroyd, Hazel the Psychic Rea Estate Agent, Loretta Lynn, Mama Cass & more!

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that spirits from the other side can contact us here in the physical world? Whether you believe or not, Geordie & Michelle have some tales to tell this week! But first the pair talk about Michelle’s hangover (soz) and her inability to say Espresso Martini, Geordie’s pink rinse, the torso in the Thames, the Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie case, Geordie gets murdered school teacher Sabina Nessa’s name wrong (ap-a-logies), Michelle explains that deers don’t have bodycams… all before the main event… GHOSTIE WHOSTIES!

First up, Michelle chats about Robbie Williams… 20 years ago he rented Dan Ackroyd’s house in Laurel Canyon in the Hollywood Hills… And claims the house is haunted! Who is Dan Ackroyd? What is the origin story of Ghostbusters? Why is there a BJ scene in that movie? Whose spirit was haunting the house? Why does Geordie not like Robbie Williams? Who is Zak Starkey? Why are we talking about Jo Wood’s now defunct podcast Alien Nation? Who is Jo Wood? Who else used to own that Laurel Canyon house? What is a stair master? Did Mama Cass die from eating a ham sandwich? Listen to find out!

Then… Geordie talks to our favourite psychic… HAZEL THE PSYCHIC REAL ESTATE! She’s got some tales to tell and Geordie’s gonna tell em! So… Why does Geordie sound like Michelle’s dad? Why is there a ghost sitting in the car with Hazel? Why is she being asked to bang the heads together of her latest clients? What is a social club? Does Hazel have a responsibility to tell her clients about ghosts that contact her? If there is a poltergeist in a house, do real estate agents have a responsibility to disclose it to potential buyers? Listen to hear Hazel’s spooky stories!!

Geordie then talks about ghost hunter @chefsean666 and the time a ghost cut his leg – for more from Sean, follow #SouthernStormPRT on Instagram! She then talks about her photojournalist friend Alec Smart and some articles he’d written back in the day for the Reading Chronicle about haunted sites in the home counties…  What is The Time Slip theory? What is the Stone Tape Theory? Are poltergeists psychokinetic manifestations? What’s with all the ghosts in Berkshire? And is Loretta Lynn’s house really haunted? Listen in to hear all this and more, including some ghosty tales from Geordie’s hairdresser!

It’s a goodie this week, so don’t miss it! Get in touch with your stories and keep Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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