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Chattin’ with Geordie & Michelle… Have you ever overheard someone else’s conversation and wanted in on it? This happens to hosts Geordie and Michelle all the time, with one woman even walking out of a shop without paying for her groceries because she was eavesdropping so hard! Now you don’t have to stalk the pair in supermarkets to overhear the rubbish they go on about – you can catch it all right here on Eavesdroppin’! It’s a podcast for all things supernatural and super-random, which pretty much covers anything and everything they want to shoot the sh*t about, including cults, conspiracy theories, new-age ideas, random chit chat about movies, Ben Mendelsohn and more. Warning: contains swearing, random sh*t, oversharing and occasional low production values.

Geordie | Eavesdroppin'



Musician, mother of three and ex-fashion stylist Geordie now lives in the burbs and spends her time dog walking, podcasting and writing comedy scripts no one will ever see.

Michelle | Eavesdroppin'



When Michelle isn’t researching/Googling and swearing too much on the podcast, she usually spends her time consulting for brands, writing travel articles and trying to ski.

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