8: Love gone wrong… or Would you marry a murderer?

Are you feelin’ the love? Did Valentine’s Day make you feel all soft n’ squishy inside? Do you think you could fall in love with a murderer without being worried you’ll be next? This week, we look at love gone wrong… And what is up with ladies who send love letters to serial killers?? We talk about women who love murderers… Geordie talks about a woman who’s set to marry a murderer she’s never met… Michelle talks about driving with a penis in your hand and how hard (or not) that might be… The pair discuss whether serial killers can be hot and chit chat about Ted Bundy (pictured) and Carol Ann Boone, John Wayne Gacy, Joseph Fritzl,  Charles Manson, The Night Stalker and Lorena Bobbit, while Ben Mendelsohn and Ginny Lemon also worm their way into the convo. The girls wrap it up with a scary but uplifting story from an Eavesdropper… All this and more. Enjoy!   

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Pic: State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory 

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