31: PREMONITIONS: The Bathtub Killer, the ghost who solved her own murder, The British Premonitions Bureau and more…

Eavesdroppers… we predict there’s going to be an episode on PREMONITIONS!! And what do you know, this week on Eavesdroppin’, Geordie & Michelle talk about some pretty spooky stuff to do with premonitions, national disasters, murder, ghosts and more…

Have you ever had a strong feeling that something bad was about to happen? Adrienne Fields did… This week Michelle talks about Adrienne’s story and the horrific murders of Christine Wu and Wendie Prescott in Arlington, Texas, in 1995… Who was the Bathtub Killer? How did he get caught? What has true crime, murder, and a serial rapist have to do with premonitions? Michelle also talks about the true-crime case of Teresita Basa… Back in 1977, the body of Teresita Basa was found under a mattress in her apartment after it went up in flames. But was it just an accidental fire or was Teresita the victim of foul play? This incredible story takes some crazy supernatural twists and turns as Michelle uncovers how the ghost of a murdered woman helped catch her killer. Listen now to find out how…

Geordie then talks about an incredible chapter in British history where, in response to people having vivid premonitions ahead of the Aberfan coal-mining town disaster in 1966, a psychiatrist called John Barker set up the now defunct British Premonitions Bureau. Could the Aberfan disaster have been averted? Did people really have foreboding visions and predictions of what was about to happen? How amazing is it that John Barker set up a British databank for all the nations dreams and visions to help prevent national disasters! Listen now to hear more about it and the sad and spooky ending to Geordie’s story…

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode – and wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

Thanks, too, to all our amazing Eavesdroppers who voted for us at the British Podcast Awards – we didn’t win but we love youse anyway!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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Rip The Bandage – the foundation set up by Bathtub Killer Survivor Adrienne Field, where you can also see her interview on USA Today: https://ripthebandage.wixsite.com/rip2/meet-the-founder

Eavesdroppin’ does Psychic detectives – you can listen here: https://eavesdroppinpodcast.com/podcast/15-psychics-true-crime-psychic-detectives-tyler-henry-brian-cox-more/     And here: https://eavesdroppinpodcast.com/podcast/30-psychic-detectives-reincarnation-and-communicating-with-the-dead-spirits-in-the-material-world/    And here: https://eavesdroppinpodcast.com/podcast/20-psychic-detectives-lyn-dawson-the-soham-murders-more/     

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Abraham Hicks: https://www.abraham-hicks.com

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