12: True Crime Part 2: Shady Ladies: Fraudsters Lezlie Manukian & Anna Delvey

True Crime Part 2: This week, Geordie and Michelle dig into the cases of con artists Lezlie Manukian & Anna Delvey. After a laughing fit, an update of Part 1 & the case of Melissa Caddick, and Michelle dropping the C-bomb, Geordie takes a look at super shady lady Lezlie Manukian. In 2006, Kiwi backpacker Greg Wards met older woman and serial fraudster Lezlie Manukian in London. This encounter went on to financially and emotionally devastate not just Greg but his entire family. Props to ABC podcast Unravel for the intel on the story. Michelle then unwraps the story of Anna Delvey slash Sorokin. The pair discuss how the daughter of a Russian truck driver managed to fool New York’s wealthiest and most powerful into believing she was a German heiress on a mission to open an art foundation. They then examine the wreckage she left behind. NEW MUSIC ALERT! We now have DITTIES! 

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