Why is Scott Morrisson called Scotty from Marketing?

So, one day Geordie called Michelle and said, my friend Jo… And Michelle said, the Jo who saw you levitate? And Geordie said, yes, that Jo. So Geordie then says, so Jo sent me a link to a 4 Corners doco in Australia all about ScoMo (aka the Australian prime minister Scott Morrisson) and Hillsong…

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29: SCOTTY FROM MARKETING, HILLSONG & THE Q WE CAN’T SAY… Cults & conspiracy theories

SCO MO, HILLSONG AND THE Q WE CAN’T SAY… Praise be – it’s another episode of Eavesdroppin’!
Now, Geordie & Michelle don’t like to get political but when lovely listener Jo alerted Geordie to a documentary about Australian prime minister Scott Morrison,…

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