46: ESP & PSYCHIC PHENOMENA: Remote viewing, psychic attack, psychic spies, trolling and more!

Hello Eavesdroppers! It’s lovely to have you eavesdropping on our convo once again! Maybe after this week’s ep you might be able to even see us from your mind’s eye in future…But before Geordie and Michelle get all supernatural this week, Geordie pulls out her Judy For Girls annual from 1969 to talk about weather…

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18: PSYCHIC PETS & DEMON DOGS: can dogs smell cancer, psychic death cats, David Berkowitz, Sons of Sam, true crime & more

Woof! This episode is dedicated to our furry friends and the ongoing debate as to whether or not pets can see into the future… Do you think psychic pets exist? Could animals ever replace doctors? Could your dog be a DEMON DOG? This episode on Eavesdroppi…

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7: Eavesdroppin’ Extra Droppings: Dreams n’ visions

In this bonus little Extra Droppings, Geordie shares a chilling story of a woman who dreamed of where her best friend’s body was hidden. Michelle wonders whether dreams are just dreams or a way to find stuff you just can’t find, before getting sidetracke…

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