Lights In The Sky

We want your stories!

Have you ever seen weird lights in the sky? Do you have a story you want to share with us? It’s not too late! Geordie and Michelle are very interested in this topic and would love to hear from you! Listen to our Lights in the Sky or Extra Droppings episodes then… Get in touch! …

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4: Extra Droppings: UFOs, aliens, weird lights in the sky, oh my!

You asked for it… Well, maybe you didn’t, but Geordie & Michelle just had so much to say that they made a special little bonus ep. This time, they chat about more weird lights in the sky, Sprites, Elves, a UFO that picked up a car, unexplained mass UFO…

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3: F*ck! What was that I just saw in the sky?

This week is all about weird lights in the sky. Michelle talks about seeing snow-glow and thinks it might be an alien landing. Geordie scares the sh*t out of everyone with The Incident at Fort Benning. Michelle investigates UFO reports from around Lake G…

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