Hometown Murders

23: HOMETOWN MURDERS: Canberra, 1983 – the brother-sister killing the internet forgot

Hello, Eavesdroppers! This week we have a special true-crime report on a hometown murder no one can find on the internet… This episode is a special request from an Eavesdropper, who asked us to investigate a murder she remembered from her childhood… In Australia on September 20, 1983, a 15-year old boy in the Canberra…

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6: Hometown Murders Part 2: The Keytes & Megan Mulquiney

Murders can happen in anyone’s hometown… This week, Geordie talks about the double murder of Ken and Margaret Keyte in Bateman’s Bay, Australia, with a first-hand account from Hazel the psychic real-estate agent. Michelle looks into Canberra’s longest-…

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