4: GHOSTS: The Monte Cristo Homestead & ghosts caught on camera

Hello Eavesdroppers! It’s not a weather report… It’s your fave podcast for all things real life, true crime and supernatural. This week, we’re looking at ghostly tales but not before your hosts Geordie & Michelle ramble about hot postie, Canberra Kids Running Wild by Davor P and a confession about Ben Mendlesohn! Michelle kicks off…

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POLTERGEISTS aka Spooky Boys innit

Poltergeists: We love a scary story and it doesn’t get much scarier than these three crazy ghost stories, all set in London, all about to scare the tits off ya! So, we start off with the weird tale of Alma Fielding and the Thornton Heath Poltergeist… it’s from 1930 and we dug up the front…

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