Haunted Houses

40: POLTERGEISTS & CRYPTIDS: the Fresno night walker, Lainey & Ben’s haunted house, NASA, Nostradamus & more!

Hello Eavesdroppers! It’s a supernatural episode this week about poltergeists and cryptids, but like always Geordie and Michelle kick off the episode with some ramble chat – and some new songs!… Starting with the time they saw a Kate Bush tribute band, a…

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40: GHOSTIE WHOSTIES! Ghost stories, haunted houses, Robbie Williams, Loretta Lynn, Mama Cass, Ghostbusters & more!

GHOST STORIES & HAUNTED HOUSES: Robbie Williams, Dan Ackroyd, Hazel the Psychic Rea Estate Agent, Loretta Lynn, Mama Cass & more!
Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe that spirits from the other side can contact us here in the physical world? Whether…

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