51: POT LUCK CHRISTMAS PARTY SHARTY: Christmas party fails, vomit, cancel culture & more!

Christmas party fails, vomit, cancel culture & more! TRIGGER WARNING! It’s a SICK episode!

♬ Simply having a wonderful Eavesdroppin’ Christmas time♬?… Yes, it’s Christmas every Wednesday in December and this week, Geordie & Michelle look at Christmas party fails, Christmas chunder and how your favourite old-school movies just got woked.

On this week’s smögåsbord: Roman Roy’s dickie piccy, Yellowjackets, the 90s film Heavenly Creatures and the Number 10 Downing street Christmas party brouhaha, plus Michelle raises the question of cancel culture and retroactively woke-ifying the past… Find out which classic Christmas movies reward toxic men, are sexist, fat-phobic, stalker-y and more (or just a sign of the times…).

Geordie then reveals some epic Christmas party fails featuring frozen party food, double-booked venues, food poisoning, drunk toilet lock-ins and more, before Michelle talks about an infamous magazine Christmas party she attended where a colleague revealed her love for her boss in a very inappropes way…  And… TRIGGER WARNING – the episode then degenerates into a titty-tatty spew-fest of worst vomit stories… Yes, what’s a Christmas-party podcast without a vom story or two… Write in and tell us your own spew story – awful voms, creative voms, inventive voms, embarrassing voms, voms in the shower… we want to hear from you!! And if you want to know exactly why you get the sweats, your mouth gets full of spit and what exactly happens to your body when you cha-cha-chunder, LISTEN ON!!

Michelle wraps up with some more Christmas-party fails, a warning about posting on social media and a grim poo-vom story that’s a true double-whammy; Geordie issues a warning about not popping on any stick-on nails you might find in a bog in a club and Michelle ponders why there’s ALWAYS some carrot and peas in a spew despite not eating either in months. And… APOLOGIES – Cleckheaton is in Leeds, not Scotland hahaha – oops! Merry Christmas PEOPLE and remember whatever you do, wherever you are, keep on Eavesdroppin’!  

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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