49: MISSING PERSONS: What happened to Margaret Clement? Plus the mystery of the missing Sodder children

Hello Eavesdroppers! Welcome to the silly season where it’s Christmas every Wednesday in December… aka, you get an audio gift in your virtual Christmas stocking of a shiny new Eavesdroppin’ ep every Wednesday… So what are Geordie & Michelle talking about this week? Murder! Mysteries! Swamps! Fires! All the good stuff, but not before a bit of ramble chat… Find out wy Geordie says H-Poo-O, discover what a ‘booner’ is and who the hell is Hot Postie?

Geordie then investigates the murder mystery of The Lady of the Swamp… In 1952, an Australian recluse called Margaret Clement mysteriously disappeared without a trace. But her story begins back in the early 1900s in rural Gippsland in Victoria, Australia, when she and her sister Jeanie went from high society to hard-times in the space of a few years. Find out how they lost their fortune, lost their family swampland called Tullaree and the mysterious circumstances leading up to how Margaret eventually lost her life.

On Christmas Eve, 1945, a devastating house fire ripped through the family home of George Sodder in Fayetteville, West Virginia. As George, his wife and four of his kids escaped the blaze, they sadly watched their home burn to the ground, knowing their five other children were trapped inside and unable to get out. Or were they? This week Michelle looks into the mystery of the missing Sodder children. After the fire, no remains of the children were ever found… Were they kidnapped? Was the fire deliberately lit? Were there sinister motives behind the blaze? Listen now to find out!

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode and remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

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