49: CHRISTMAS TRIGGERS: GG Allin, strange deaths, deaths on stage, revenge of the chickens, the spy in the bag & more

STRANGE DEATHS & CHRISTMAS TRIGGERS: GG Allin, strange deaths, deaths on stage, revenge of the chickens, the spy in the bag & more

HO HO HO! It’s Christmas month, which means every Wednesday we’re giving you the gift of EAVESDROPPIN’ (like every week ???)  This week on the podcast, Geordie & Michelle look at bizarre deaths and deaths on stage plus some weird and wonderful true-crime cases and real-life stories you won’t find stuffed in your Christmas stocking…

The pair kick off the episode with a run down on Halyna Hutchins, the cinematographer shot dead on the set of Alec Baldwin’s “country & western” movie Rust… Geordie talks about the death of comedian Tommy Cooper and why the audience were laughing as he died; how ukulele star Tiny Tim checked out, why Idris Elba thought he’d been shot on the set of American Gangster, plus we find out who Geordie was intrigued by as a teenager and whether this polarising punk figure actually died-slash-committed suicide on stage as he routinely threated to do – TRIGGER WARNING: this story involves poo, wee wee, sexual assault, nudity, a God complex and more… 

Michelle then sets off a whole load of TRIGGERS with strange deaths and true-life cases. Can too much water be DEADLY? And would you hold your wee in to win a Wii? Who is Leah Betts and why do the pair talk about her? Who is Mr Hands and WHAT IS HE DOING WITH THAT STALLION? We talk about Moosie the dog, boiled eyeballs and why you should never jump head first into thermal spring… Discover the reason why chickens turn savage… And Michelle Duck Duck Gos all about The Spy in the Duffel Bag, aka Gareth Wyn Williams… Was it a cover up? Why were there no fingerprints in Gareth’s apartment? Can a person really lock themselves in a duffel bag and then padlock it from the outside? Was he killed by Russian spies? Why didn’t MI6 raise the alarm on his disappearance earlier? And was it all a just a sex game gone wrong or something more sinister? You’re gonna need a shower after this episode, so grab a cuppa and get Eavesdroppin’!!!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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One of the most underrated Christmas songs ever: Christmas Time (Don’t Let the Bells End) by The Darkness

Tameera The Modern Mystic – OUR FAVOURITE mystic for all your mystical needs

More on the Halyna Hutchins death by accidental shooting

How did Brandon Lee die?

And you can hear more about Brandon Lee’s death in this Eavesdroppin’ episode

Official trailer for Blade Runner – funny how it’s set in the future 2 years ago, where Ridley Scott predicted flying cars. Instead, we have Brexit and petrol shortages…

Ridley Scott, that prankster, tricked Idris Elba into thinking he’d really been shot on the set of American Gangster

The scene where Travis shoots himself in Tiger King – WHAT THE ACTUAL

This is actually disturbing because it’s so sudden and the line between comedy act and death is so blurry no one can see it – watch the death of Tommy Cooper only if you need to…

Watch Tiny Tim – Tiptoe through the Tulips – is it just us or is there a little bit of Justin Hawkins here…

A little run down on Tiny Tim’s heart attacks

Someone made a nice little vid all about punk’s biggest degenerate, GG Allin

More on GG Allin

NOFX’s Fat Mike’s article in Kerrang on GG Allin

The Jane Whitney show – GG Allin’s last interview before he died TRIGGER WARNING GUYS

Hated – the story of GG Allin, to buy or rent here

Michelle’s band’s video for Fear of Flying by Farrah where she gets told she LOOKS LIKE MARILYN MANSON HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHHAHAH

The pointless death of Jennifer Strange who held her wee to win a Wii

More on the sad death of the woman who died trying to win a Nintendo Wii

Official trailer for They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?

What is Touch the Truck?

Leah Betts – the girl who took E but died from drinking too much water

The Wikipedia page Michelle talks about: the List of Unusual Deaths

The disgusting story of Kenneth Pinyan, aka Mr Hands who died via stallion

The man who was boiled to death – the really sad story of David Kirwin and Moosie

When chickens turn bad – the real-life story of the man who got pecked to death

The REAL story behind the venom from a Daddy Long Legs

The chickens are dinosaurs debate

Really great article about Gareth Wyn Williams, the spy in the duffel bag

Don’t have Netflix? You can have a YouTube log fire all winter long…

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