48: VOICES FROM BEYOND: Gef the mongoose poltergeist, clairaudience, haunted phones, talking to dead people & more!

TALK TO THE DEAD & VOICES FROM BEYOND: Gef the mongoose poltergeist, clairaudience, haunted phones, talking to dead people & more!

If you’re listening to this at night, you might want to press pause, go lock the door, turn on your heartlight and prepare to be SCARED!!! Not really, but this week’s episode is full of creepy tales, supernatural shenanigans and a talking, gambling, evil mongoose poltergeist plus people who talk to the dead.

But before we get into all that, we talk about Richard Madeley, Clive James, Margarita Pracatan, the time Geordie & Michelle met them all in a reality TV show audience and why Michelle doesn’t want to be an audience member on Naked Attraction. We give you a Melissa Caddick update, a couple of shout outs and some NEW DITTIES!

So what are Eavesdroppin’ duo talking about this week? Geordie and Michelle get excited about the BBC Sounds series A History of Ghosts, where Michelle listens to episode 10, Did You Hear That? and talks about haunted phones, Nikola Tesla and more… Find out who invented the spirit radio, the reason Thomas Edison wanted to invent the spirit telephone, Geordie’s Nana and people who reckon their mobile phones are haunted. Michelle ponders how to pronounce ‘vagina’ alongside whether modern tech can bridge the gap between the physical and non-physical, plus you get to hear about the two times Michelle heard otherworldly voices telling her what to do, a woman who escaped being committed by channeling the dead mother of her therapist and the difference between schizophrenia and clairaudience.

Hear Geordie talk about The History of Ghosts episode 9: 20th Century Poltergeist, where she investigates the Dalby spook, otherwise known as Gef, a bizarre mongoose poltergeist that haunted a family on the Isle of Man for more than 10 years!!! So… was Gef the mongoose poltergeist really a ghost from New Delhi or did the Irving family make him up? Did he really give a journalist betting tips? Was 13 year old Voirrey Irving a master ventriloquist? Was it all a hoax by dad James Irving? Was it all a genuine supernatural phenomenon or did the whole family have mental-health issues?  Who did Gef call a fat-headed gnome? Why is Michelle hungover and half believing in Gef the Mongoose? And how have we not heard about this case before??? Tune in now to eavesdrop!!!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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