47: KIDNAPPED! Natascha Kampusch, Chloe Ayling, Duffy, Stockholm Syndrome, Cleo Smith & more

KIDNAPPING! Natascha Kampusch, Chloe Ayling, Duffy, Stockholm Syndrome, Cleo Smith & more

PEOPLE! If you heard last week’s episode on MLMs, you’ll know Michelle overused the word PEOPLE, along with ‘it’s really scary’, but moving right along, it’s time to listen up because this week it’s the KIDNAPPING EPISODE!

Before we dive into a couple of bizarre kidnapping cases, it’s an historic moment for the Eavesdroppin’ duo because for the first time SINCE THEY STARTED THE PODCAST – Geordie & Michelle are IRL together!! They didn’t record in the same room – that’s too techy right now – but they were in the same house, chatting away… this week about Money Matrix incense, the amazing space clearer and Intuitive Painter Becca Bourne and how she space-cleared Michelle’s apartment, MLMs (again), Jen’s breast milk (again), more MLMs… And a shout out to Libby who gave us the theme for this week’s episode… KIDNAPPING!

We start with a little run down of the kidnapping of four year old Cleo Smith in Australia… Listen in to discover what happened to Cleo, more on her abductor, why Bratz dolls are mentioned and the bizarre plot twists that have come to light… Geordie then tells the horrifying story of what happened to Welsh singer Duffy and the shocking events that pretty much ended her career… And Michelle talks about the scary time her drink got spiked…

So, Stockholm Syndrome… What is it? Why is it called that? And who is a prime candidate for getting it? We reveal all! Then we get to our first case… the bizarre kidnapping of Austrian schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch. So in 1998, 10 year old Natascha Kampusch disappeared without a trace. Eight years later… she turns up having escaped from her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil. So what happened in those 8 years? Who is Ernest Holzapfel? Why is the white minivan important? Did Wolfgang Priklopil kill himself BY TRAIN or was he MURDERED? How did she escape? Why does she live in the house where she was held captive for all those years? How come she still carries a photo of Wolfgang in her handbag? Why is there a question mark over elements of her story? How did Michelle not spot that the Natascha wedding photo was a fake? And why does Michelle keep calling Ernest “Ernst”? LISTEN IN PEOPLE!

Geordie talks about the terrifying ordeal of model Chloe Ayling. Lured to Milan for a fake photo shoot, she was kidnapped, drugged with ketamine and thrown in the boot of a car, only to be told she would be sex trafficked to the middle east, used until she was worthless and then fed to tigers. Listen now to hear more of her story, some weird details, how she escaped and how the trial went down…

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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