46: MLMs ARE SCARY! Anti-MLMs, dōTerra, LuLaRoe, pyramid schemes, cults & more

Anti MLM: MLMS ARE SCARY! Anti-MLMs, dōTerra, LuLaRoe, pyramid schemes, cults & more…

Hello helloooo! And a big thank you once again to all our Eavesdroppers for last week’s happy birthday wishes for our one-year anniversary – you’re all loves! Now GET OUTTA MY PUB!

Or, keep on Eavesdroppin’ to hear Geordie sound like she’s smoked a thousand durries, Michelle getting her Zoombas and Zumbas mixed up, Geordie talking about breast milk… and all this before we get to the BIG TOPIC… MLMs.

Yes, this week Geordie & Michelle delve into the murky world of Multi-Level-Marketing, otherwise known as Network Marketing, otherwise known as money-sucking pyramid schemes AMAZING GIRL BOSS OPPORTUNITIES!

If you’ve not worked it out yet, this week’s ep is an ANTI-MLM podcast where we discuss what an MLM is, what it isn’t, why it’s dodgy as f*ck, why it’s CULTY and why you have a 99% chance of LOSING MONEY should you ever get mixed up in one… So now you know where we stand on MLMs… let’s get stuck in!

Are MLMs a CULT? Are you an MLM Hun? Would you sell your breast milk to buy an MLM starter kit? Are MLMs the modern-day chain letter? Or are they just a pyramid scheme in disguise? Can you ever make money from an MLM? Or are you destined to lose money? Will Monat make your hair fall out? Is dōTERRA-fying the scariest and dangerous pseudo health MLM out there? We ponder all these questions and more, including Michelle’s fiancé distracting Geordie by making an appearance in a small bath-towel… !

So… did you know Neal’s Yard Remedies is an MLM? Did you know that Arbonne has links to the Q we cannot say? What the hell is the Wayfair conspiracy? And how can dōTERRA’s trademark be legal? Guys, there’s so much to unpack in this episode… And as Michelle says about 17 times, IT’S SCARY STUFF!

Plus we talk about Avon, LuLaRoe, Amway, Juenesse, stinky leggings, Mormons, Young Living, pyramid schemes and more. DING DONG – it’s time to get Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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