45: Happy Anniversary, baby – ONE YEAR, WHA??? Yes yes IT’S THE EAVESDROPPIN’ ANNIVERSARY EPISODE!

Comedy podcast Eavesdroppin’ turns 1!


It’s one year!! Really!!! And to celebrate, our friend and statistician Anna Graziano – STATS! – came to us with an incredible figure – according to Listen Notes, Eavesdroppin’ is ranked in the top 10% of podcasts globally! WHAT THE ACTUAL F!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!!! So THANK YOU to all our loyal Eavesdroppers who have listened to us faithfully every week for ONE YEAR – we LOVE YOU!! And to celebrate, we’ve put together a walk down memory lane, from our first ever episode on Aleister Crowley Beast of Hastings, where we recorded it on Zoom and it sounds utterly shite, through to our Hometown Murders episode on the actual murderer that Geordie & Michelle knew, the Would You Marry A Murderer where the jury’s out on whether serial killers can be hot, through to the much misaligned Fairies episode, one of our proudest episodes on Cancer and our true life story from listener Linda, Hoarders and really whatever other episodes we could fit into an hour of Eavesdroppin’! We give updates on Melissa Caddick and her husband Anthony Koletti’s new concept album Balls Off ?, Anna Delvey, Ben Mendelsohn, Keith Raniere, Samantha Azzopardi and more, plus we talk about the highs, the lows, the socials, the trolls, the jingles, our favourite eps, why the girls are on IMDB, the time Mel Gibson made a lewd comment to Geordie and everything in-between so join us as we reminisce about the last year and get ready for the year ahead!

THANK YOU again to everyone who has made the last year so fun for us – we love your comments, your trolling, your info, your stories, your facts, your stats, your contributions and your requests but most of all WE LOVE YOU and we hope you’ll enjoy everything that’s to come, and in the meantime, keep on EAVESDROPPIN’!!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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Comedy podcast SHOW LINKS

EAVESDROPPIN’ IS IN THE TOP 10% OF PODCASTS GLOBALLY according to Listen Notes!! Thank you everyone!

We love you Ben Mendelsohn!

Geordie on IMDB!

Michelle on IMDB! Who actually wrote that bio?!??!?

Ben Mendelsohn in The Marsh King – coming soon!

Ben Mendelsohn & Olivia Coleman in Secret Invasion – coming soon!

What’s up, Keith Raniere? Here’s an update!

Michelle still loves Esther Hicks

When Zermatt was Africa

An update on Melissa Caddick

Listen to Anthony Kolletti’s Paws Off album ?

The Netflix trailer for Maid

And why did Samantha Azzopardi not turn up for her early parole hearing?

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