43: Banksy, Adele, Lourdes, The Putney Pusher, Black History Month, aliens, Fran Healy and more… it’s the NEWSDROPPIN’ EPISODE!

Comedy news podcast: Banksy, Adele, Lourdes, The Putney Pusher, Black History Month, aliens, Fran Healy and more… it’s the NEWSDROPPIN’ EPISODE!

Hello and welcome our second NEWSDROPPIN’ episode! Have you ever played the Werewolf game? Neither has Michelle… She was too busy drinking Jaeger shots to even get the gist of what Geordie was on about but her skin looks great so hey ho. Find out why Geordie is questioning the validity of last week’s secret royal love-child claims and the reason she mentions lizards and why Michelle is talking about New Wash non-foaming shampoo, all before getting they actually get NEWSDROPPIN’!

This week, Michelle talks about Banksy and the Love In The Bin artwork, formerly known as Girl with Balloon, which just sold for a record £18.6million… Why is this interesting? What’s the story behind the artwork? Who is Banksy? Could Geordie’s theory be true? Listen to find out!

Geordie then goes on to talk about Black History Month in the UK and an incredible story from 1800s… Who are Ellen and William craft? What did they do that was so astonishing? Why is this story connected to Black History Month? Why are we talking about slaves? Who are the two ladies that just got blue plaques? You need to listen, people!

Shout out to Felicity for pointing us in the direction of the new Madeleine McCann updates… What’s happening with the Madeleine McCann case? What’s the scoop with the new German investigators and Christian Bruekner? What’s the new circumstantial evidence the police now have? Is there actually any new evidence or is it just a strategy to get a confession? Who knows…

Another thing Geordie & Michelle don’t know is the name of the lead singer from Travis!! Listen to find out why Geordie is talking about the singer and how a sausage dog is involved… Why is Michelle talking about Adele? What’s a revenge bod? Why do we even care? Doesn’t matter because we love her winged eyeliner! All this before Geordie talks about ‘the last chicken in the shop’… and The Putney Pusher!! Who is the Putney Pusher? Is he a banker? Should people be worried on Tube platforms and bridges? Listen now! You’ll also hear Michelle talking about the cocaine epidemic in Britain’s over-90s age bracket, a new radio signal coming from inside the Milky Way, the possibility that it could be aliens and so much more… so get Eavesdroppin’!!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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