38: THE DEVIL’S WORK?: Dungeons & Dragons, heavy metal T-shirts & Satanic Panic!

This week on Eavesdroppin’, hosts Geordie & Michelle look at the world of Dungeons & Dragons and Satanic Panic!

Back in the early 1970s, Dungeons & Dragons moved from being just a board game to becoming the world’s most popular fantasy role-playing game. Come the 1980s and the game had sparked moral panic throughout the world with accusations of satanic devil worship and warping young minds. Geordie dives into the world of D&D and looks at murder, censorship and where D&D is now. Michelle then looks Satanic Panic in Australia in the late 80s and early 90s, starting with a ‘satanic heavy metal cult’ in Canberra… She then investigates a disturbing satanic ritual abuse case covered on Australian 60 Minutes and asks the question, is it real or just fake news? You decide! Want to know more? You’ll have to listen! So pop on your headphones, grab a brown lemonade and join Geordie & Michelle, plus extra chit chat on yoga murders, sayings from your childhood and more, only on Eavesdroppin’ podcast. And remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever and our opinions are just opinions not fact, sooorrrryyy! Don’t sue us!

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