35: 100TH EPISODE PICK’N’MIX BONANZA! Featuring our best bits including hoarders, tardigrades, drinking wee, Nullos, Shaun Ryder & more!

100 WOO HOO!

What the actual! We made it to 100 episodes! Happy Birthday to us! Who’d have thought that when we started back in November 2020 that we’d still be here, swearing up a storm talking about all things real life, true crime and supernatural!!  

To celebrate this insane milestone, we’ve put together a bit of a pick’n’mix hotchpotch mishmash of some of our fave bits from the last 100 episodes, so if you hear the theme tune a couple of times or some references to Covid, well, that’s cos it’s a throwback episode! With a twist… and maybe a special guest appearance from Ben Mendlesohn! You’ll have to listen to find out what the F is going on including the great Eric Bana mixed up with Dr Eileen Banana… Speaking of which, a massive shout out to Dr Banana who created our theme tune – you da best!

But before all that, Geordie & Michelle just want to thank all our amazing Eavesdroppers who’ve listened, liked, downloaded, shared and laughed along to our little podcast. And special shout outs to our unpaid interns and researchers including Al Tegart, Neil The Scientist, Tameera The Modern Mystic, Natty J, Hazel The Psychic Real Estate Agent, Jen The Hen, Ren, Anna & Fran, Stephanie Margherita, Lucy Beacon, Janika, Ben, Linda… and anyone who’s ever contributed to the podcast… We love youse all!

And for anyone who wants to hear the full episodes featured in this week’s podcast, just click the links below J

The one about Tardigrades… Yes, we talk about tardigrades, which Geordie thinks look like poo on legs and the time tardigrades were shot off in a rocket to crash on the moon. Thanks Tameera the Modern Mystic for the hot tip!


The one where Carrie from Colorado drinks her own wee… Yes, she drinks and bathes in her own wee – a yellow lemonade! Easier to drink than water apparently. With bits and pieces…


The one about the Nullo movement… The men with no nipples who also remove the balls. Yes, we talk about the OG Japanese dick and ball chomper and The Eunuch Maker.


The one where an Australian guy believes he’s the secret love child of Charles and Camilla… Listen now to hear Geordie’s impression of Prince Charles, it’s a corker!


The one where Geordie & Michelle remember the time they met Clive James… Also, hear Geordie sing like Margarita Prakatan!


The one where Michelle talks about the woman that hoarded dead cats in her kitchen fridge/freezer…TRIGGER – the cats got liquefied… L


The one about Geordie’s husband drinking a mystery liquid from a jar on the street… Find out what it was!


The one where NattyJ wrote in… Yes, it’s the one where we talk about NattyJ’s step-mum being an empath and seeing dead people…


The one where Geordie talks about Shaun Ryder the UFO hunter…  Are we just an intergalactic service station?


The one where we debate how to say gamut… Michelle thinks she knows the correct way to say it but it’s all down to Al Taggart…


The one where Sting got stung… Listen to Geordie talking about how Sting got swindled by his accountant, plus the Dirty John story with Eric Banana!


The one about Melissa Caddick… The story that kicked off Michelle’s obsession with Melissa Caddick’s missing foot.


The one with Hazel The Psychic Real Estate Agent… where Geordie recounts the tale of a little Italian man sitting next to Hazel in the passenger seat – or was he?


We hope you enjoy this week’s episode and remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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