28: ANIMAL KILLERS: The UK Cat Killer and serial killer Robert Pickton

TRUE CRIME: The UK Cat Killer & Canadian Serial Killer Rober Pickton…

TRIGGER WARNING: This episode contains references to animal cruelty and grim descriptions of violence agains animals and women. Listen with caution. 

Hello Eavesdroppers! This week, Geordie and Michelle talk about The UK Cat Killer, aka The Croydon Cat Killer, aka The Streatham Cat Murderer, as well as pig farmer and serial killer Robert Pickton and TRIGGER WARNING – it’s not easy listening… 

But firstly, the pair kick off with a quick round up of new info on the Lynn Dawson case (well, Chris Dawson, actual, who now has a trial date for the murder of his wife, Lynette), Melissa Caddick and Allison Mack of NXIVM… And yes, Keith Raniere IS still alive, for anyone who’s wondering (ie, Michelle) – he’s just been put in prison for 120 years…

Now onto the true crime… Back in 2014, Geordie first became aware of a series of cat killings in the Streatham and Croydon areas of London. Listen to discover how the killer has stumped UK police and how the Croydon cat killer has widened his circle of cruelty…

Michelle then goes on to discuss the horrific case of Canada’s most notorious serial killer – Robert Pickton. How are pig farming, pork snags and the Piggy Palace Good Time Society all connected? Listen to find out!

The pair then wrap it all up with a scintillating conversation about toilet paper, the merits of scrunching versus folding and how people sell fried bats in Thailand.

It’s a rough ride so saddle up and get Eavesdroppin’! ?

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Stephen Bouquet found guilty of killing 16n cats in Brighton: https://www.brightonandhovenews.org/2021/06/30/cat-killer-steve-bouquet-arrested-after-failing-to-turn-up-for-trial/

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Disturbing news that the Croydon Cat Killer could be back:

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The scrunch or fold debate: https://www.toiletpaper.com.au/blog/fold-your-toilet-paper-for-a-better-clean-or-is-scrunching-more-your-style-/

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