UFO PODCAST: WESTALL, SCI FI, ALIENS, THE TIC TAC INCIDENT, DECLASSIFIED UFOS – welcome to Newsdroppin’, where this week Geordie and Michelle look at the weirdest headlines from the past month.

Kicking off the show is a story about a woman who found a Tiddlywink that had been lodged in her nose for 37 years, which quickly leads into Michelle’s experiences at ‘Poo Camp’ and the disgusting things that can come out of your colon…

Geordie then goes on to talk about the transparent pool suspended between two buildings in London by design studio HAL, which leads into a fear of heights discussion, kiteboarding and the sport we cannot name (it’s actuallyHydrofoil kiteboarding)!

Michelle discusses the resurgence in publicity for the Westall 1966 UFO incident in Australia, which we covered in a previous episode of Eavesdroppin’. Fresh claims have surfaced about a cover-up that includes both the Australian and US governments… Listen to find out more! Michelle then details a dubious recent UFO sighting in Queensland, Australia, by a drone enthusiast where the jury’s out on whether it’s a UFO or not. Links are below… you decide!

Geordie talks about a story from Modern Mystic Tameera, where residents all over the inner west of Sydney, Australia, heard an unidentified bang…. With no discernable source of the noise. A cover up? Maybe!

Michelle discusses an article she read where scientists posit the theory that Earth is being spied on by aliens, and is impressed that Geordie knows what an exoplanet is (Michelle didn’t!!). A badly remembered singalong of the Red Dwarf theme tune ensues… along with a run down of the movie Soylent Green – SPOILER ALERT – and a discussion on cultured, ie, lab-grown meat and the movie The Fly…

Michelle talks about The Tic Tac Incident where a couple of fighter pilots in the USA saw a Tic Tac shaped UFO… And Geordie rounds out the episode with a truly terrifying news article about a woman who found her dead husband’s missing Euro 96 football ticket in her rolls of fat… Yep, it’s that kind of episode!

*Apologies* Michelle says Liz Dawson instead of Lyn Dawson, she says fire pilot instead of fighter pilot and apologises profusely for her terrible diction and annunciation.

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