24: RELATIONSHIPS: Friendship, Facebook & not caring about what others think

RELATIONSHIPS PODCAST: Wahey! It’s the Relationship Potluck episode, where Geordie and Michelle look at the most important thing that defines what it is to be human: relationships. 

The way we connect with others can shape who we are, how we see the world and how we see ourselves. In this week’s Potluck, Geordie & Michelle discuss their own unique ways of dealing with relationships, look at why Facebook has become a virtual confessional and reveal what gets them through the tough times…

Michelle talks about Abraham Hicks and the meditation she listens to NEARLY every day. Geordie sheds light on the maroon/marone debate. Michelle talks about Facebook revelations and why people feel the need to overshare… Geordie talks about the time she had a side hustle as a sex texter… Is talk therapy the way forward or is forgetting the way to go? Is changing your reaction to people and situations to enough to get you through? Or do we have to be comfortable with the negative? There’s lots to ponder, along with mentions of George Michael, Joey Tribiani, Mickey Rourke and RuPaul’s words to live by: there’s an ointment for that… Sorry, I meant “What other people think of me is none of my goddamn business”! Enjoy the episode and KEEP EAVESDROPPIN’!  ?

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