23: BENT COPPERS: The Real Life Crimes That Inspired Line Of Duty

BENT COPPERS: The Real Life Stories behind Line Of Duty…

WARNING: This Eavesdroppin’ episode reveals Line of Duty plot lines… WE WARNED YA!

Mother of god, there’s one thing and one thing only we’re interested in this episode, and that’s BENT COPPERS! Yes, it’s the Line of Duty episode and this week, we look at the real life stories that inspired the show… 

For kindred Line of Duty fans, we know how you feel… It’s been a few weeks since we all discovered who The Fourth Man formerly known as H is – and we’re bereft on the lawn and crying into our brown lemonade over the hole in our Sunday nights, now that season 6 has ended. Which is why we are looking at the real-life bent b*stards and British institutionalised corruption within the Met that inspired LoD writer Jed Mecurio.

Find out which shooting at Stockwell Tube station inspired Season 1, Episode 1… Discover who the season 6 Gail Vella character is based on… We reveal the two real-life black deaths that inspired the Christopher Lawrence plot line in season 6… Geordie uncovers the key real-life case (and Britain’s most investigated murder) that inspired the entire Line of Duty Series… Hear Michelle say Steve Arnus and Geordie say Dill Jando and more, all on this week’s episode… Now we’re sucking Diesel!

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*Correction: Seems Jerry Hall is still married to Rupert Murdoch ?

Enjoy the episode and KEEP EAVESDROPPIN’! 

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