21: HELLO RUSSIA: The Dubrovka siege & the curious case of Charly Haub, the missing Tengelmann billionaire

TENGELMANN MISSING BILLIONAIRE: HELLO RUSSIA, HELLO CHARLY HAUB: A Russian coup and a missing German billionaire – yes, you’re Eavesdroppin’ on the Spies episode that has nothing to do with spies!

After some minimal excitement about the Eurovision song contest and some chatter about Michelle’s new laugh, Geordie launches into a story about the time she visited Russia. Did she bust in on Russian extremists organising a Chechen siege in the dunny or were they just there for Sax n’ Sex Thursday? Did Michelle really say ‘play your car rides in the toot’ instead of ‘play your cards right’?? Could the Dubrovka Seige of 2002 – not CATS – have been avoided if only Geordie had offered the weird toilet men some of her chicken with raspberries?  

Michelle then goes on to talk about the Tengelmann missing billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub, aka Charly Haub, who disappeared after training for the Patrouille de Glaciers in Zermatt in 2018. Did he fall down a crevasse? Did his Russian lover Veronika E helicopter him away down the Italian side of the mountain? Are Charly and Veronika living on a secret tropical island with Elvis and Melissa Caddick? LISTEN TO FIND OUT MORE!!

Enjoy the episode and KEEP EAVESDROPPIN’! 

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