13: Talking to DEAD PEOPLE… Or, Can we really talk to the dead?

Talking to dead people… Can people really talk to the dead?? Oh my days, there’s a rollercoaster of content this week, starting with LINE OF DUTY!!! Geordie and Michelle are beside themselves with excitement over Series 6! After a quick discussion about Roz Huntley’s earrings and whether people REALLY hang up trackies, Geordie quotes Kate Flemming’s immortal line: Listen Michelle… Stop making a tit of yourself and P*SS OFF! Love it!! The pair also decide that Ben Mendelsohn should be next in line for Season 7 – Listen Up Jed Mecurio!! After all the LoD chat, the girls get down to business… Can we talk to dead people? Michelle talks about Automatic Writing and gives some Dos and Don’ts. Geordie talks about ouija boards and recounts a story from our listener, Grace. Cryogenics get a mention, so do avatars that memorialise the dead, along with Black Mirror, Her, The Nutty Professor and DEVS (spoiler alert: if you don’t want to know the ending, skip forward when you hear the girls start talking about it!). Geordie’s amazing research into Dad Bots and computerised avatars is truly fascinating, along with Eternime , brain embalming and how you really might pronounce Nectome… Geordie chats about whether an app can really help you talk to the dead. Michelle talks about a Japanese hotline to heaven (pictured) and the pair are enthralled by the My Heritage AI that can bring old phots to life…  Michelle’s on the lash with Cuban rum; Geordie’s swishing her ice cubes around her Dark n’ Stormy and there are NEW DITTIES, TOO! Special thanks to our researcher AL TEGGART and end-music composer Ben Raine. Enjoy the episode on talking to the dead and KEEP EAVESDROPPIN’!

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