13: OBSESSED: Jodie Foster’s stalker plus the tale of TalHotBlond

On Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast this week, hosts Geordie & Michelle talk stalkers and obsession…

it’s a one-hander this week where Geordie digs deep into the life of Jodie Foster… In particular the time when an ex Neo Nazi called John Hinkley Junior watched the 1976 thriller Taxi Driver starring Robert De Niro and Jodie Foster and became obsessed with the film, the characters – and with Jodie Foster. Listen now to discover the lengths this JHJ went to in order to protect Jodie Foster and the consequences it had for then-president Ronald Regan… Geordie then looks at the tale of Tall Hot Blonde… In May 2005, love and obsession collided when 46 year old Thomas Montgomery posed on POGO as a hot young marine and started an online chat relationship with 18 year old woman called Jessi, whose handle was TalHotBlond (could she not spell Tall?)… Listen now to find out what happened to Thomas, how the relationship progressed and the bizarre twist that led to a man’s death…

So pop on your headphones, grab a brown lemonade and join Geordie & Michelle for this week’s episode, plus chat about MAFS Australia, Hot Tommy, Fall Out Boy and more, only on Eavesdroppin’ podcast. And remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

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