11: WAR & ALIENS: The Mitford sisters, Peaky Blinders, Exo Politics, Alien Arks & more!

How is it that one episode can move from Second World War politics to Exo politics with only a few awkward segues? That’s what happens when you’re Eavesdroppin’! This week, Geordie & Michelle kick off the episode with some dodgy facts about Loch Ness, the correct way to say ‘Ural’ (thanks Jannika!) and their brand spanking new Patreon page before getting into the good stuff… POLITICS! Sort of…

Why is Michelle talking about Peaky Blinders? And how is that connected to Britain’s first ‘It Girls’, the Mitford Sisters? Why are we talking about Oswald Mosely and Hitler? And can a serial killer ever be sexy (swoon, Jamie Dornan)? Who is Sam Claflin? And how are poltergeists wrapped up in all this? You’ve got to listen to find out!

Then Geordie moves on to the REAL reason behind the Russia-Ukraine war… It’s all to do with ALIEN ARKS apparently… What are alien arks? What does Exo politics mean? Is the alien illuminati really running the world? And what’s Eisenhower chipping a tooth go to do with anything? Did hacker Greg McKinnon REALLY uncover US Government alien secrets? Or is it all just nonsense made up by deep-state theorists and Qers, fan fiction or…? Who knows…  Thanks to Tameera the Modern Mystic for the info on this week J

We hope you enjoy Eavesdroppin’ on us this week!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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