10: Let’s talk about WITCHES!

Witches… They’ve been around since the dawn of time and in this episode, the girls rev up their broomsticks to chat all things witchy! Not before a disgusting rat-chat rat off about rats, rat guts and rat encounters, that is… So, witches! Witchcraft! Familiars! Witchy True Crime! It’s all here… Michelle reminisces about Mysteries in Covent Garden and whether Geordie has a witchy face… Geordie chats about the Crucible, her drama years and Goody Goode… Michelle talks about modern witches, witch influencers, feminism and #witchesofinstagram… Geordie dives into the case of Vanessa Mitchell, whose dream home in St Orsyth turned into a nightmare when the ghosts of witches past haunted her beyond the grave. 15th Century witch Ursula Kemp gets discussed, as do modern witches Bri Luna  & Harmony Nice, and the ep gets wrapped up with a terrifying True Crime recap of the case of Kristy Bamu and a couple of spells you can try at home to get rid of unwanted friends. What more could you want!

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