1: Do you believe in fairies?

It’s 2021, NYE is over, resolutions have been broken… And Geordie & Michelle are back at it, talking s*hit about everything and nothing in the first ep of Eavesdroppin’ Season 2. This week, the pair make apologies, talk about scungees and Ben Mendelsohn gets more airtime, all before they get to the real topic: fairies! Geordie deep dives into Huldufólk, the hidden-people-slash-elves of Icelandic and Faroese folklore. Michelle’s not convinced so she talks about trolls and the demented film Border. Changelings are mentioned, as are the Mole People of New York. Blizzard Party fairy sightings are discussed along with born-again Doreen Virtue – and the fact that most fairies are shady. Seriously, don’t f*uck with the fairies. Till next week!

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