1: CATFISHED: Stories of fake girlfriends, fake boyfriends, fake babies & more!

CATFISHED: Stories of fake girlfriends, fake boyfriends, fake babies & more!

Have you ever been catfished? Do know what catfishing is? It’s basically a cruel online deception where someone steals a real-life identity or creates a fake persona usually to start a romantic relationship with an unsuspecting victim, but sometimes it’s just to extort money. Sounds f*cked up, right?! Well, this week on Eavesdroppin’, Geordie and Michelle look at some real-life catfishing stories and discover TikTok’s hilarious Catfish Challenge…

It’s the podcast everyone is talking about, including Geordie… yes, it’s Sweet Bobby… the story of a woman called Kirat who was seduced online for 10 YEARS by a ‘man’ called Bobby whom, in true catfish style, turned out to be someone Kirat wasn’t expecting… So how does someone get sucked into being catfished? How can 10 years fly by without you ever meeting the person you’re in a relationship with? What red flags do you need to see to know something’s ‘fishy’? How far will someone go to dupe and coerce an online victim? Listen in to find out!

Michelle then talks about TikTok’s ‘accidental catfish’ challenge that takes the piss out of people who use filters to make themselves more gorgeous than they really are on dating apps and social media (see Geordie & Michelle’s ‘hot’ catfish photos on their Facebook page!). She then reveals a story of a woman who believed she was the mother of a catfish baby and finally, Michelle talks about the catfish where a woman called Courtney starts a friendship with girl called Kayla because she has messages she needs to relay from her dad… Real or fake? Catfish or clairvoyant? Listen now!

And remember, wherever you are, whatever you do, just keep Eavesdroppin’!

*Disclaimer: We don’t claim to have any factual info about anything ever, soooooorrrrrryyyyyyyy

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Have you seen Don’t Look Up yet? If not, here’s the trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbIxYm3mKzI

And turns out the Don’t Look Up director Adam McKay has been involved in loads of things including Anchorman, Talladega Nights, Saturday Night Live, Succession!! https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0570912/

That film that Geordie was talking about where Guy Pearce is a cannibal? It’s called Ravenous! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7BDiNktrLU

Still lovin’ Yellowjackets… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mX22D65TqAs

Great article on the anti-woke movement: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/feb/03/being-woke-isnt-so-easy-even-if-you-know-what-it-means

Click here to see some of Australia’s Big things including the big banana, the big prawn, the big merino… https://theculturetrip.com/pacific/australia/articles/fair-dinkum-kitsch-discovering-australias-big-things/

Sweet Bobby – the podcast everyone’s talking about it: https://www.tortoisemedia.com/listen/sweet-bobby/

More on Sweet Bobby: https://www.vogue.co.uk/arts-and-lifestyle/article/sweet-bobby-podcast

Kiara, Courtney and Britney: the catfish where a fake internet girlfriend created a fake baby using her sister’s identity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1q-S83lOgQ

What is the Catfish Challenge? You can read more about it here: https://www.thesun.ie/fabulous/6226639/proud-catfish-tiktok-trend-transformation/

The one where Kayla is contacted by psychic Courtney and given messages from her dead dad…: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTOqor-DI0E

Newspaper clipping of the Frank Harbin Jr suicide and stabbing: https://www.newspapers.com/clip/23368001/frank-harbin-jr-hangs-himself-in/

Some of the Reddit threads where people think the Kayla Courtney Catfish show was a set up:https://www.reddit.com/r/CatfishTheTVShow/comments/b8ra30/kayla_and_courtney_medium_episode/

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