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51: STOCKING STUFFERS: Murder, ghost sex, scrunchies, vomit trees & penis theft

Ho ho ho… This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast, it’s the Christams Stocking Stuffer episode! Hosts Geordie & Michelle unwrap some Christmas treats, starting with chat about a viral video on TikTok that claims to have found a ‘new’ way to decorate your Christmas tree with tinsel – gorgeous or Christmas vomit? You decide… Plus...

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50: OLD CULT, NEW CULT: Love Has Won & Fountain Of The World

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast… Two cults!! When host Michelle went looking for a little-known cult to investigate, she came across Love Has Won. Turns out there’s a HBO series about them (she didn’t watch), so not so unknown… But what a cult! In 2009, Amy Carlson left her 3D relationship (ie, her hubby...

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49: ANIMAL FRENZY: Travis the chimp & the film Nope, plus the death of Grizzly Man’s Timothy Treadwell

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast… when animals attack!! When host Geordie watched the Jordan Peele film Nope, she wondered: was the hard-to-watch on-screen chimp plotline based on a real-life incident? With a little digging, Geordie uncovered the origin story of that disturbing scene… In February 2009, American chimp owner Sandra Herold had her best...

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48: REAL OR HOAX: The Valensole UFO incident, Men In Black, naughty aliens and more!

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast: France’s highest-profile alien-visitation case and Men In Black… In 1965, a farmer called Maurice Massey from Valensole in France witnessed aliens in his lavender fields and a small UFO. Or did he…? Listen to find out! Geordie then looks at Men In Black – are they real? Are they...

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47: CATCH MY DISEASE: Mad Cow, Ebola, brain-eating amoebas and more!

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast… If we said Mad Cow, would you think it was an insult? Or would you know that it’s a reference to a 1990s disease that could turn your brain into a sponge? Geordie investigates Mad Cow Disease – what it is, how it spread, whether it was a cover-up...

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45: STALKERS & WATCHERS: The time Madonna got stalked plus the true story behind Netflix’s The Watcher

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast… It’s the Stalkers episode! What makes someone become a stalker? Michelle mini-dives into some of the reasons why people stalk before talking about the time Madonna’s stalker jumped the wall to her house back in the 90s… Geordie discusses the real-life story behind The Watcher (you know, the creepy...

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44: CHOMP CHOMP: Incorrupted bodies, auto-cannibalism, BIID and more!

This week on Eavesdroppin’ comedy podcast… Michelle gets the ick as Geordie discusses Incorrupted Bodies, ie, dead bodies that are buried but never decay! Why does this happen only to saints? And how come they never decompose or get eaten by worms? Listen to find out! Michelle then looks at auto-cannibalism and Body Integrity Identity...

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